Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 annual maintenance - haulout

15 Jan 2014 - 1559 engine hours

Hauled @KKMI
  • New Pettit Trinidad Pro bottom paint - 2000 barrier coat all paint blisters
  • repaint bootstripe - interlux flag blue
  • repaired rudder - minor delamination, lots of blisters, gelcoat cracking at end of doubler/waterline - drilled (lots) of 1/4" holes, injected thinned epoxy, followed by slightly thickened (with 403) epoxy, sanded, coated with West thickened with 407, wetsanded, 5 coats Interprotect 2000E barrier
  • new watermaker throughhull, 3/4 seacock
    • plastic scoop strainer over mushroom throughhull - no way to screw in scoop throughhull due to turn of bilge
  • new seacocks/throughhulls @head intake, pumpout, head sink
  • rebuilt cockpit drains, galley sink drain, engine intake seacocks
    •  plan to replace galley sink seacock at next haul
  • removed paddlewheel & datamarine transducer, repaired hull
  • installed PSS dripless shaft seal, new 1.25" x 41" shaft, rebuilt propellor
    • 16x16 prop
  • sprayed barnacle barrier on prop
  • changed transmission fluid
  • changed motor oil and filter
  • changed engine fuel filter
  • changed oil cooler and primary heat exchanger zincs