Sunday, June 8, 2014

Haulout and bottom paint

Speedo and transducer holes, unholed.
New seacocks and throughhulls
New seacocks mounted on 1/2" fiberglass expoxied to the hull. Yard made fun of me for having ~1 1/2" solid glass, but these will not be a weak spot!
Old throughhull. Yes, that's one entire thread holding the seacock on for the last 30 years.
Watermaker inlet
Watermaker brine discharge

Shaft Seal

I suck at pictures, but....

New PSS shaft seal running on new shaft

The old stuffing came out as something like greasy sawdust. The old shaft, courtesy of a corroded flange fitting, came out in two pieces with the help of an angle grinder. In went a new shaft, rebuilt prop, and PSS dropless seal. Yay for maintenance, boo for the checkbook.

New cutlass bearing
Old now 2-piece shaft
Popped right off - after a few hours of cussing and beating, a very expensive hour of "professional" cussing and beating, and a half-hour with a grinder.


T-ball fitting spliced into top of solent stay
Below decks, 1/2" threaded rod with eye fittings lashed from deck throughbolt to stem throughbolt. "If you can't tie a knot, tie a lot."
Finished stay. T-ball fitting on top, Colligo terminator on bottom, both Brummel-spliced into 7mm Dynex Dux (16,500 pound breaking strength, comparable to 7/16" 1x19 316 SS wire.)
Tensioning mechanism - pair of Colligo terminators, secured to the deck with a 1/2" (20,000 pound) shackle. Lashing replaced with 3/16 Amsteel - the 1/4 was difficult to tension properly. The tail is left long enough to reach the windlass for tensioning.
Stay and sail tack. 1/4" Amsteel loop and soft shackle for pennant.
100 square foot heavy (7oz??) high-cut blade jib flying. Balances a double-reefed main perfectly.
Sheets are turned at the base of the mast through a system of soft shackles and aluminum rappel rings. Rhapsody has only one set of winches, so flying the jib and genoa at the same time is problematic.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 annual maintenance - haulout

15 Jan 2014 - 1559 engine hours

Hauled @KKMI
  • New Pettit Trinidad Pro bottom paint - 2000 barrier coat all paint blisters
  • repaint bootstripe - interlux flag blue
  • repaired rudder - minor delamination, lots of blisters, gelcoat cracking at end of doubler/waterline - drilled (lots) of 1/4" holes, injected thinned epoxy, followed by slightly thickened (with 403) epoxy, sanded, coated with West thickened with 407, wetsanded, 5 coats Interprotect 2000E barrier
  • new watermaker throughhull, 3/4 seacock
    • plastic scoop strainer over mushroom throughhull - no way to screw in scoop throughhull due to turn of bilge
  • new seacocks/throughhulls @head intake, pumpout, head sink
  • rebuilt cockpit drains, galley sink drain, engine intake seacocks
    •  plan to replace galley sink seacock at next haul
  • removed paddlewheel & datamarine transducer, repaired hull
  • installed PSS dripless shaft seal, new 1.25" x 41" shaft, rebuilt propellor
    • 16x16 prop
  • sprayed barnacle barrier on prop
  • changed transmission fluid
  • changed motor oil and filter
  • changed engine fuel filter
  • changed oil cooler and primary heat exchanger zincs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


jaw-jaw turnbuckles and eyes or single-jaw turnbuckles and studs?

1/4" wire 1/2" pin hayn: $46.35
jaw-jaw 1/2" turnbuckle:   $77.56 
increased flexibility (so?)
more stuff to break/fall out

 1/4" wire 1/2" thread hayn stud: $38.78
single-jhaw 1/2" turnbuckle:  $56.00 
---------------------- $94
less flexibilty (so?)
less stuff to break
less stuff to catch other stuff
$30 cheaper (x4 + >30 x 2 capshrouds+>>30xbackstay==ca. $200)


Furler Guts

taking the sail feeder off didn't do anything - just crusty red loctite, and nothing moves. I suppose that's good....

Extrusion pulled up as far as it will go. It hits the masthead junk here. The big round doohickey is the internal turnbuckle, I think, and the long skinny jobber that's normally inside the extrusion looks to be an extra long swage fitting on the end of the wire. I hope. Maybe.

View of whole system with extrusion up as far as it will go

Shroud-->mast terminations

zoom and squint

P1283637 P1283644 P1283645 P1283647 P1283658 P1283659 P1283660 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
5/16 cable @ 6'
UpperTerminal - 5/8" eye -
LowerTerminal - 1/2" fork -
Turnbuckle - 5/8 toggles -
SpecialConcerns: The pin at the waterline seems small

FurlerModel: Harken Series 1-193
5/16 cable @ 38'6" (order 40)
UpperTerminal - 1/2 eye -
LowerTerminal -
Turnbuckle - none
- 2" from top pin to furler-foil
- not sure what is under the drum on the bottom

5/16 cable @ 39'6" (order 41)
UpperTerminal - 1/2" eye -
LowerTerminal - 5/8 eye -
Turnbuckle - 5/8 toggles - 

Upper Shrouds
9/32 cable @ 35' (order 36x2=72)
UpperTerminal - T-ball - (x2)
LowerTerminal - 1/2" eye - (x2)
Turnbuckle - 1/2" toggles - (x2)

1/4" cable @ 19' (order 20x4=80)
UpperTerminal - T-Ball - (x4)
LowerTerminal - 1/2" eye - (x4)
Turnbuckle - 1/2" toggle - (x4)